With a specialism in biomechanics and rehab - alongside the ambition and diligence to get results, achieve change quicker than ever before.

Why LR Coaching

“The best coaches really care about people, they have a sincere interest in people”. This epitomises Lewis’ work. His energy, passion and obsession with human movement is incredibly apparent not only during a face-to-face session, but outside the health centre – with his constant research and continuing professional development (CPD).

Lewis' Background

Lewis’ fitness foundations were built representing his country in football at the age of 18.

He then channeled his playing career into a coaching role obtaining a BA (Hons) degree, alongside the well-respected UEFA coaching licence. This enabled Lewis to acquire extensive experience and knowledge developing and progressing athletes in the United States.

Lewis is now a highly reputable, sought-after specialist who helps the general population, professional athletes, alongside personal trainers and practitioners who want to acquire some of Lewis’ knowledge.

Lewis is an integral member of a worldwide network led by exercise physiologist Alex Effer – one of the world’s leading educators surrounding biomechanics and rehab. Lewis’ continued learning and daily CPD separates him from others in the industry.

First-rate coaching

Lewis believes that an extensive assessment is fundamental before selecting exercises for an individual. Mainstream personal trainers or practitioners typically deliver a generic, muscle-focused approach – based on little or no assessment. Lewis’ model pays thorough attention to the axial Skeleton, before meticulously selecting exercises that will restore the foundations of movement.

Lewis' Service provides

  • A lengthy, comprehensive initial assessment, examining the individual’s posture, axial skeleton, ranges of motion, and compensatory strategies.
  • Constraint-based, intelligent strength exercises that work towards the limitations identified during assessment.
  • Full bespoke programming, with detailed videos of each exercise sent to your smartphone for your own individual training sessions.
  • A premium fitness, training and rehab experience inside one of Hampshire’s most exclusive health spaces. 

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