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Providing you with much more than an efficient and sustainable exercise programme that works around your goals and growth, you will acquire all the added coaching benefits ensuring you evolve.
Join me for a focused approach to your fitness and wellbeing, helping you to set goals, commit and sustain them. Online coaching enables you to get exactly what you need, keep motivated, and maintain your progress without limitations. An efficient and cost-effective fitness solution that means you can exercise wherever and whenever, whilst knowing that you’re never on your own.

“You are being presented with two choices: Evolve or repeat”

The Online Movement

Over time I have discovered that coaching solely face to face is not enough to maintain substantial results. A couple of weekly sessions may be intense and fun, but can equate to small learnings and many unaccountable hours for the remainder of the week. Working virtually allows an increased amount of tailored focus, detail and accountability. Enabling you to acquire knowledge to not only transform your health and wellness, but to sustain an optimal lifestyle long-term.


£40/per 4 weeks

– Initial consultation (new clients)

– 1x live, in-person zoom session every month

– Any questions answered via WhatsApp, anytime

– Expert knowledge surrounding your own health and fitness

– Guidance on how to lose fat the right way and sustain it

– An in-depth focus on your emotional and mental wellbeing

– Bespoke nutrition and exercise advice

– Coaching around personal goal setting and progression tracking

“Living in Essex – I was slightly sceptical how beneficial online coaching would be. I needn’t have worried. Lewis provides great motivational feedback and advice and in 4 months I’ve lost almost a stone and over 2 inches from my waist” (Ellen, aged 54)

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£75/per 4 weeks

– All of standard

+ An extra live, in-person zoom session (2x monthly)

+ Bespoke recipes and meal ideas

+ Bespoke articles and blogs

+ Entry into a private Facebook group

“Lewis has educated me so much on how to eat well whilst enjoying life in a sustainable way. Since working with Lewis I have lost 4kg and 3 inches from my waist and I know it will never return as I’ve learnt skills for life” (Rebecca, aged 30)

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£45/per 4 weeks

– £45 per month rather than £45 per session

– Free consultation (new clients)

– Any questions answered via WhatsApp, anytime 

– Bespoke training programme adjusted and developed to ensure you achieve progression

– Access to mobile app to track your progress every step of the way

– Bespoke nutritional help and advice 

– Assistance with calories and macros 

– Entry into a private FB group for Q+A

– Access to a mobile app with 300+ exercise videos

“It took me about 18 months to loose 3kg solely working out in the gym. When I started online training with Lewis I weighed 68kg and my waist measured 87cm. Now just over 3 months later, it feels absolutely fantastic to maintain a weight of 60kg and a waist measurement of 73cm! Plus – I eat incredibly well” (David, aged 65)

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£130/Block of 4

– FREE consultation for new clients 

– Each session is 45 minutes via zoom

– Any questions answered via WhatsApp, anytime 

– Obtain zoom recordings to keep you accountable in between sessions 

– Detailed focus on posture correction, mobility, flexibility and injury prevention/recovery

– Includes extensive behind the scenes research 

“When I started with Lewis I couldn’t even lie in bed without having pain in my back. Now 7 months on I am virtually pain free! Lewis has guided me with knowledge, professionalism and care. Our work together has been and continues to be truly transformative” (Candace, aged 33)

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Detail and quality Assured with the LR Coaching App

All workouts from your bespoke programme are embedded into the LR Coaching, My PT Hub app for ease and precision when training. Record your nutrition, upload photos and input measurements throughout your journey to observe progress.
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Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen


Design Director

I saw results almost immediately and today, over a year on, I'm unrecognisable, ever-changing and continuing to head towards the shape of my life. I'm both mentally and physically stronger as a result of Lewis's coaching. He's helped me achieve what I've been trying to achieve alone for years and is absolutely right when he says change is challenging. Lewis told me to trust the process and within that trust, goals I'd dreamed about for decades are continuing to become reality. I cannot recommend Lewis enough, he is life changing.

Founder of Lord Hair Salon, and Yoga Teacher

There’s a huge difference between a personal trainer and someone like Lewis, a genuinely nice guy who goes the extra mile to be your coach. I’m a hairdresser and business owner, with little time and big goals! Lewis took the time to work my programme around my lifestyle, instead of trying to make me change it. My expectations are well managed and my body is aesthetically better than ever. Training has become a part of my life that I enjoy immensely. The support in our one to one sessions and online from Lewis are second to none; informative and encouraging always. Lewis is very knowledgeable and his coaching is honest and real. I’ve learned so much, I feel great and I know I can still enjoy a treat or a beer without being judged! The fitness journey continues and no regrets at all in choosing Lewis Robinson for my coaching.

Executive Director

For someone like myself who found going to the gym unaspiring but necessary, I am amazed that through Lewis’s enthusiasm, expertise and motivation, which he consistently delivers with every PT session, I actually now love training. Lewis took time to understand my fitness goals and created a training programme which will take me on the journey to reach them. Well thought out and never boring each session is fun and fulfilling. I would highly recommend Lewis to anyone who wishes to improve their fitness, irrespective of the starting point; Lewis has the knowledge and experience to help achieve it.


Addictions Consultant and Hypnotherapist

After a serious knee injury and debilitating knee surgery last year I seriously doubted I would ever be able to enjoy pain free walking again - let alone any other form of exercise. I was in pain, anxious about causing more pain and probably the least active I have ever been in my life. Yet at 54 I knew I had to take care of my health and wellness. The magic of universal synchronicities brought Lewis to my Facebook newsfeed. I don’t trust too many people with ‘me’- but I trusted the synchronicity - and I am so glad that I did. Via Zoom - he in Winchester and I in Glastonbury - he has created a series of bespoke workouts for me - improving my core strength and mobility and most importantly decreasing the pain in my knees. His artistry, skill and finesse is second to none, he holds an incredibly safe and supportive space and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. So thankful for our sessions and the benefits they are bringing to my daily life.

Chief Underwriting Officer for AXA Corporate Solutions

I’ve been working with Lewis for over a year now and my fitness and strength has improved so much. I’ve also lost about 6 kilos in weight as well as increased my lean body mass. Lewis is a truly excellent Personal Trainer who really knows his stuff. He takes time to engage with all his clients so that he can tailor the programme for each individual to ensure that they meet their goals. He pushes you hard but makes it fun at the same time and is encouraging and motivating throughout.  I always look forward to my workouts with Lewis. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lewis to anyone.

Primary School Teacher

As a teacher, life can be pretty hectic. Working with Lewis has allowed me to keep a healthy work-life balance as well as making big changes to my body and lifestyle. He is a brilliant personal trainer who makes a real effort to understand your personal needs and lifestyle to ensure programmes are tailored specifically to you. Lewis is extremely supportive and encouraging throughout sessions as well as always being available for extra advice, tips and questions at any time. Through this, my confidence has grown immensely and means I enjoy training more than ever and feel great by doing so. Not only this, Lewis also has a huge wealth of knowledge and understanding surrounding the body, training and fitness.  Working with Lewis has changed my life and mind-set; a fantastic personal trainer and friend.

General Manager of RDL Scientific Ltd

In 2018, as a 62-year old, contemplating joining a gym I was held back by my negative body image and the idea I would be out-of-place. A repeat visit to my office from Lewis prompted me to join the gym. Months later when asked by the gym manager what had converted me to gym-membership I thought back to the office visit and could say clearly that, essentially, it was because Lewis believed in me. I guess subconsciously I then believed that I could succeed in a gym. And I think I have, and with Lewis’s continuing help, will achieve more of my goals. So, I now stand straighter, my back is not rounded, I am stronger. I have a more positive body image. I can even run if I want to. Thank you Lewis for your part in this.

Deputy Head Teacher

I have a very demanding job, which at times is all-consuming and I felt I needed to do something to deal with the significant stress I was finding myself under. It was at this point that I was lucky enough to come into contact with Lewis, with whom I have been working for about eight months. I cannot believe that I am writing this, but I actually enjoy going to the gym! Lewis makes each PT session challenging, hard work but most of all motivating and fun. No two sessions are the same and never boring. He always believes in me and I have constantly surprised myself in what I can do. He manages to get the best out of me, even after a tiring day and I always feel I have achieved after every session. Lewis is an excellent trainer who is passionate about his job and about his clients’ health and fitness. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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